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NESA, is an Italian company in the market since 2003, designs solutions for environmental and industrial monitoring and remote control.

Constantly seeking the most innovative and effective solutions for environmental monitoring and remote control: this has always been Nesa’s imperative.

Highly specialized in the design, production and installation of equipment such as meteorological sensors, data acquisition systems, wired and/or wireless environmental monitoring equipment, data acquisition networks and control systems, with great experience in the integration of complex structures and in the study, development and application of the most advanced technologies available.

It is the first Italian company that have introduced, since 2006, the new concept of access to data and configuration of the acquisition units through very simple web interfaces, effectively removing any need of specific external software.

It is also the first Italian company that have developed First Class wind measuring instruments that have passed the most severe functional, performance and durability tests required by the regulations for wind monitoring.

Some patents have achieved international resonance, such as the solutions Spider System®.

With over 6000 measurement points around the world (as 2021 data) in different climatic conditions (from the cold Siberian to the hot Sahara desert) and some of the largest monitoring networks, such as the one for hurricanes in Caribbean countries (on which made an in-depth article in the specialized magazine WindEnergy in 2013, downloadable at the link Uragano Sandy together with many others, downloadable in the “Publications” section), Nesa ensures performance and quality in its products and systems.


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All company activities are carried out in compliance with the UNI EN-ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards, for full respect of the environment.

From the cold Siberian to the hot Sahara desert: our commitment has allowed us to acquire important orders all over the world.





South America

Minas Gerais



1 Produzione

Our services

1. Production

We offer a vast choice of products, ranging from individual devices to complete, turnkey measuring systems.
Our products are meticulously designed with special attention paid to actual usage conditions, in order to meet the most diverse requirements, whether it's an individual device to be integrated into existing systems, a high-performance data logger, a wireless system, a remote measuring system or a data traffic monitoring system.

We provide our customers with the simplest, most appropriate solution to their specific requirements. Our manufacturing process, fully compliant with ISO9001 and ISO14001, involves detailed monitoring of each step, resulting in top-performance, high-quality products.
To guarantee the traceability of its products, NESA's manufacturing process uses sample instruments certified by ACCREDIA or other major accredited test laboratories (Colonnetti, PTB, CNR, etc..) pursuant to Italian law No. 273/91.
In the case of anemometers, a series of tests under increasingly stringent conditions are carried out with a view to obtaining Measnet certification specific for wind monitoring applications.
Certification of each primary tool and of the entire manufacturing chain enables us to offer our customers guaranteed, reliable products.

2 Installazione

Our services

2. Installation

NESA's engineers are fully compliant with the requirements of Italian law DL. 81/08 and have been trained on correct installation procedures (pursuant to IEC 61400-12 for wind monitoring systems, Italian law D.L. 37/08 for plant engineering and IEC 57-8 for data management).
Our installer teams are trained to carry out most types of installation procedures, both in Italy and abroad, and speak various languages.

3 Ricerca Sviluppo

Our services

3. Research and Development

Nesa's R&D team consists of highly skilled professionals who work in close partnership with Italian (ITC, Isac, etc.) and European Research Centres (Dewi, etc.) in designing and developing new, technologically advanced solutions.

Nesa is the first Italian company to have applied web technology to data acquisition systems (TMF500 in 2006 and TMF100 in 2008), patented the first rain/snow/hail gauge with low-consumption heating system (PL1000RLP rain gauge) resulting from thorough heat optimization and concentration studies, and applied reliable, versatile ZigBee standard protocol wireless systems to professional data acquisition devices (wireless sensors, 2009 and data loggers). As a result, Nesa products are currently used for controlling and monitoring the construction of some of the biggest structures for the Mose mobile gate system in Venice.

Commitment to Research and Development is a mainstay of Nesa's activity aimed at improving existing products/processes and designing new solutions. In 2012 Nesa anemometers achieved First Class Certification.
The inventiveness, skills and creativity of our R&D team are absolutely essential assets and strengths for our company.

Since 2011/2012 Nesa has been manufacturing and selling worldwide a complete range of monitoring devices for solar PV systems, including a high-precision, professional sun tracker. In 2013 Nesa launched a dedicated range of weather observing systems (AWOS stations) specifically designed for civil and military use.

4 Assistenza e laboratorio

Our services

4. After-sales and laboratory

NESA's new headquarters at Via Crociera, Vidor, Italy also house a laboratory for device calibration and inspection. NESA offers its customers inspection, calibration and repair services for their sensors and data loggers. Each instrument that undergoes inspection and calibration is accompanied by a conformity report declaring its compliance with specifications, or an accurate quotation for repairing/replacing the device.
The laboratory features a double climatic chamber for calibration at varying temperatures and relative humidity, calibration systems for barometers, solar radiation sensors, rain gauges and multiparameter probes (chemical and physical parameters), as well as special, highly accurate calibration systems for data loggers and data acquisition systems.

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    We design, produce and install systems for environmental prevention and alert.

    We design, produce and install instruments for environmental prevention and alert.

    We design, produce and install systems for environmental prevention and alert.

    We design, produce and install instruments for environmental prevention and alert.