Orlovka – Russia. AWOS station for extreme climates


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After the success of the first installation made in 2014 at Kotelny Island (part of the archipelago of the “New Siberian Islands” between the “Laptev Sea” and the “East Siberian Sea”), subject of a scientific publication presented in 2016 on prestigious magazine “METEOROLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL”, the collaboration between Nesa srl and our Russian partner JSC “International Aeronavigation Systems Concern” (IANS) has been further strengthened thanks to the supply of a portable tactical meteorological station, for military use in extreme environmental conditions.

The aim of the ambitious project was a customized solution designed to withstand the harsh winter temperatures of the remote Russian region of Amur Oblast (on the northern borders of China), with the addition of specific features suitable to meet the tactical-military requirements dictated by the End customer. In particular, by exploiting the previous experience of the portable stations developed for the Italian Air Force in 2013 (with the participation of the staff in technical-demonstration activities at Vigna di Valle and Pratica di Mare), Nesa has set up a WMO standard station equipped with “rollable” pole in light carbon fiber, sensors with special measures to extend the operating range in temperature and suitable materials to withstand values even lower than -50 ° C (silicone cables, insulation, special thermo-regulation, etc.).

The station was installed by the IANS staff on the Orlovka aeronautical base, providing for the integration of meteorological data and information from the vertical temperature profiler associated with the “Monocle” X-band radar. Nesa technicians provided adequate remote support to allow the harmonization of the data output during the implementation phase, ensuring the satisfaction of the final Customer.

This project and its success have once again demonstrated the technical capabilities of Nesa and the ability to respond adequately to specific and specific requests, due to the peculiar location of installation and the very severe environmental conditions that characterize the Orlovka site.

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    We design, produce and install instruments for environmental prevention and alert.


    We design, produce and install instruments for environmental prevention and alert.