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Software for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental monitoring and remote control

  • Software per il monitoraggio ambientale - controllo dell'ambiente

Software: innovative applications with a practical web interface

Our experience acquired in many years of design, installation and use of environmental monitoring, has allowed us to take on choices on software applications that initially they were pioneering choices which, with the market response and the costumer satisfaction, are consolidated over time and have become a reference point in the sector.
Nesa, with its pioneering and forefront choices, since the beginning gave up to use any type of software closed or propietary, that requires specific installation or solely connected to the hardware of the dataloggers, choosing the web platform as an interface for all applications.Nesa's applications are composed of simple and direct web pages, presented as a normal website and provided with user friendly interface in which the user is accustomed every day.

Can be programmed and read and read via
Web pages
without needing specific software

operating system:
maximum stability guaranteed


High-performance web applications
for reliable management of data logger network data

Among our applications: TMF: web interface configuration and representation of our TMF data logger series. ESPORTA WEB: Simple web interface for free download, backup and conversion in EXCEL format of data collected from our dataloggers. METEO_AIR_REPORT: application software for data collection and standard reporting SYNOP, METAR, SPECI format messages. AWSPLUS: Powerful software for data collection and data management from monitoring stations with data storage (database) and able to generate reports in formats SYNOP, METAR, SPECI, Half-hour METARs, CLIMAT, BUOY and BUFR accordin to WMO no. 306. SUNFLOWER: Web application of the most comprehensive management and evaluation of data from datalogger networks and /or systems acquisition IRIS: Web application for data managing data in numerical and graphical of a single station

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