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Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental monitoring and remote control

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Complete systems: we design, manufacture and install global solutions for
environmental monitoring and prevention

Nesa, a Company which is not only a producer of instrumentation and dataloggers, is also able to offer a complete solution to all the needs of monitoring and treatment of the collected data. Our measurement systems are designed and made to carry out their task in the most efficient and easy way as possible, allowing us to be today in all monitoring markets, from the environmental to the structural monitoring and industry. Continuous collaboration with customers on the one hand and research institutions on the other, allows us to be more technologically advanced and customizable solutions offer high performance every time.


Professional stations according to guidelines of WMO (World Meteorological Organization) for weather monitoring in all its variants including agricultural meteorology which provides for specific measures and algorithms of forecasting and prevention diseases. The sensors are installed according to the WMO at 2 m or 10 m on a pole or lattice calculated to withstand to winds up to 75 m / s (hurricane Cat.5th - Saffir-Simpson). These stations can accommodate different sensors in type and number, and transmit the data via cable, radio, satellite etc. Already configured and arranged for the acquisition and processing of data and open to each subsequent implementation.


Professional stations built for the measurement and control the water-related risk: rainfall, flooding, floods, torrential phenomena, etc.. Support structures (poles) in anticorrodal anodized aluminum, for easy transport to facilitate installation even in the most difficult areas (bridges) or where there are difficulties for accessing. Low power consumption allows a longer range of the station even with a small solar panel of 20W. The stations are designed for sending alarms and activation of local sirens or optical signals. They can be equipped with a camera for inspection of the state of flood or level.


Systems for water quality monitoring in rivers, lakes, streams, and more generally in water bodies of fresh or brackish water. It represent a typical application of the surface water monitoring for the assessment of quality.
The use of multiparametric probes for the measurement of physic and chemical parameters of the water (pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity, etc.) and the possible connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc., allow an accurate control of water status and allow targeted actions for the protection and solving.


The stations for monitoring landfills are specially designed and made in accordance with the Italian Law 36-2003 (norm CE/31/1999), implementing the calculation of potential evapotranspiration (Penman-Monteith method approved by FAO and WMO), and are supplied complete with all the needed sensors to allow the continuous control of measures by the relevant authorities.
This station represent an open systems and can be implemented with controls in groundwater quality (level, water quality etc.).

GEOTECHNICAL (caves, buildings, landslides)

Systems specially designed for different technical needs, used with the purpose to measuring the moving of landslides, debris flows, etc.. Designed for an easy transport and installation even in the most inaccessible areas, where there are difficulties for going in, and it is often necessary to use helicopters or transporters. The low consumption of the station, allow a long range even with a small solar panel, example 20W. Arranged for remote warning in case of danger.


Automatic AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) stations, for airport applications in accordance with ICAO and WMO, prepared for the high-frequency data processing and their transmission, in order to continuously monitor the state of the weather conditions. To meet the high required standards, a specific line of sensors and systems has been developed with the highest quality and performance (with self-check and high MTBF) over wide operational and functional range, already recognized in the SESAR project that unifies the European standards for airport applications. In addition to the sensors, the strength of these systems lies in Nesa electronic concentrator, that offers an absolute level of performance in a compact and flexible device.


Professional stations and accredited for wind monitoring according to IEC 61400-12 norm, with wind speed sensors “First Class”. Composed of one or more sets of high-performance sensors, anemometers (MEASNET certified), installed at different heights of the pole or lattice tower. Already configured and arranged for the acquisition and processing of wind data (minimum, average, maximum, gusts, turbulence, standard deviation, etc.), every 10’ with storing data in encrypted way.


Systems for the measurement of solar radiation (ISO 9060) of photovoltaic plants for  determining the actual yield of the panels and strings. The stations are built with equipment installed in accordance with specific criteria that take into account the position of the panels and methods of measurement of solar radiation. All equipment is made to ensure the accuracy and is certified, together with the measurement chain, which reference the data acquired. The advanced technology of the equipment Nesa, allows easy maintenance and easy access to data through dedicated web pages for each Customer, permitting an easy check in real time of each web site.


Systems for monitoring of confined areas or in climate-controlled environments or to adjust them. The system is extremely compact and not invasive, easily transported and installable without alteration of the environment and with the possibility of implementing a wide range of sensors for air quality control (eg CO2 concentration in relation to the influx of visitors )
The wireless connections make it a reliable and efficient monitoring system.


Data acquisition and control systems (DCS) for large numbers of I/O (up to 2500), developed with redundant network, at which it is also possible to connect the thermo-rooms or cameras. The use of distributed control systems with peripheral frameworks installed on  field, on the one hand allows to optimize the installation and maintenance, on the other hand optimizes the management of plant shutdowns and the integration of new features.
Specific software designed to monitor and guarantee the raw data flow.


Stations for road condition monitoring, configured for the acquisition and processing of the key parameters for the safety, in particular to evaluate the ice formation on the carriageway or the water presence. Specific measures such as visibility, the state of the asphalt surface, complete the usual meteorological measurements. A cable link or fiber optics or wireless, makes the system very versatile for data management.


Measurement systems in support of mobile vehicles or cabinets, already equipped with the main air quality analyzers.
These systems can be integrated, as well as being a stand-alone, with micro analyzer developed by NESA, able to measure with good accuracy the concentrations of the main gases in closed or open areas, and acquire basic data on the quality of the air we breathe.

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