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Datalogger per monitoraggio ambientale sistemi di monitoraggio ambientale data logger monitoraggi ambientali

Systems for environmental monitoring and remote control

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Data loggers: maximum reliability even in extreme environmental conditions

Nesa, thanks to a specialized technical group that develops from over more than 25 years devices for the acquisition and processing of electronic data, has managed to occupy a leader position in the market of professional systems for logging analogical and digital measurements. The pioneering choices, designed to simplify the user interface, with the adoption of web solutions easy and quick to use, the implementation of the Linux operating system, known for its stability and robustness and also because is an open system, and the adoption of innovative technologies have made our dataloggers, some products of the industry among most sought after and copied.

Datalogger, NESA, datalogger per monitoraggio ambientale - datalogger

operating system:
maximum stability guaranteed

data loggers
(also available battery-operated)

Can be programmed and read via
Web pages
without needing specific software

Designed, built and installed to guarantee
the total security of the processed data

All our dataloggers are designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions (we have installations in the ocean depths, in the most extreme mountains, in Antarctica, etc..), and they are all equipped with an innovative system of reduction of consumption that allows their use in battery, using the most common communication standards (Serial, TCP-IP, FTP, Modbus, etc.) and do not require any specific software for their management and operation, everything can be programmed and displayed from simple web pages. The compact size makes them particularly adaptable products in multiple situations.

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